Simple way to learn basic information about kratom

Kratom Infographic


For me learning things would be easier if there’s something to compare or to visualize, that why I wanted to share for people who are interested to know more about kratom. In here we can that people already using kratom long time ago, but some do say it’s not safe but scientific research in US approved that people can use it.

For me even though it is already approved that it can be use I still recommend people to limit use it. People who use kratom powder most likely have the same result like smoking, the effect of it gets weaker the more time we use as our body adopt to it but people without control will surely get addicted to it. I can’t deny that in our current generation people are more stress and more pressure to our life, that why sometimes we really need stuff like this to give us relaxation and to have proper sleep.

Just be careful  not to over use kratom, we all eating to much of something is always not good to our body.


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